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Applications and Toolkits

  • OpenNLP: A natural language processing toolkit.
  • Mallet: A machine learning toolkit.
  • Textgrounder: A research system for textual geolocation.


  • Beginners guide to programming.
  • Unix
  • Editors for writing your Scala code
    • JEdit - Multiplatform, easy to use editor.
    • Kate - Easy to use editor with built-in Scala support, but only works (easily) on Linux.
    • ScalaEdit - An editor designed with Scala in mind. It looks to have been started as a project fairly recently, so I'm not sure how robust it is -- but it could be well worth a try.
    • Emacs - my editor of choice, but probably not ideal for most students in the class
  • Integrated Development Environments - more powerful programming environments. Unnecessary for this class, but worth mentioning.
    • Eclipse - excellent support for Scala (it's what I use for my own Scala development)
    • IntelliJ IDEA - apparently works well with Scala out of the box